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     Ziare grew up in the blazing desert of Albuquerque, NM and moved to Seattle in 2002. When she was working at a local zoo as a teenager, she had seen a fire troupe perform at one of the zoo's Halloween events and had instantly fallen in love with the idea of playing and dancing with fire, but never knew where to go to follow her love.
     She eventually fell upon Tayissa Blue, in 2006 and Tayissa became her belly dance instructor. Tayissa, Ziare and a few talented others progressed to become the founding members of Twilight. Somehow in the midst of dancing, events and everything that was going on, Tayissa introduced her to IGNITION. Finally finding the people who could teach her the art of performing with fire, she started going to their practices and was hooked. Now part of the fire troupe IGNITION and bellydance troupe Twilight, she is a busy girl pursuing her love of performing, and having a blast doing it! She couldn’t ask for anything else that would make her as happy as the friends she has in her troupes!
     Ziare performs with Poi and Fans, with more tools to come. She also enjoys belly dancing, music creation, costuming, and just having fun!

Ziare became an official member in December 2008


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